Willow Avenue Project Completion Prompts Donation to Local Community Benefit Organization

(FRESNO COUNTY) – The Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA) along with the City of Clovis, announces completion of the $5.7 million Measure C funded Willow Avenue Project, resulting in a widening of the northbound lanes from Shepherd to Copper Avenues in Fresno County. In addition to widening the road, project improvements include installing a median, curb, gutter, irrigation, landscaping and a traffic signal at Perrin Road. Overall, the project will improve traffic flow and significantly increase public safety during peak commute times for local residents, schools and businesses along Willow Avenue. These improvements will also reduce traffic congestion for students traveling throughout our Region to attend classes at Clovis Community College. Approximately 22,000 vehicles use this segment of Willow Avenue daily. Drone footage of the project area can be accessed at the following link: https://measurec.com/willowave-widening/. “The completion of major transportation projects are usually celebrated with a ribbon-cutting event with large crowds,” said FCTA Vice Chair Lynne Ashbeck. “But as we each do our part to support our community’s health – following shelter in place guidelines and avoiding large public gatherings – we are grateful to the project’s contractors: Yarbs Grading and Paving, and Madco Electric who generously ‘repurposed’ the funds set aside for the traditional public opening and made a $4,500 donation to the Marjaree Mason Center, a local community benefit organization serving victims of domestic violence.” “We are grateful for the services provided by the Marjaree Mason Center to our local communities. We are proud to be able to support the center in its endeavor,” said Troy Yarbrough President, Yarbs Grading and Paving, and Michael Merigian CEO, Madco Electric. “The City of Clovis is thrilled with the improvements to Willow Avenue and the positive impact it has had on the lives of our teachers, students and parents as they travel to and from Clovis Community College and the three nearby Clovis Unified School District campuses,” said Clovis Mayor Drew Bessinger. “The completed project not only serves the drivers of today as they enjoy a smoother, safer commute, but will also serve drivers in our growing Region long into the future. We are grateful for the Measure C funding which is helping to make this all possible.”

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