Don’t Take A Chance


“Don’t Take A Chance” is a safety educational outreach program offered to various school sites impacted by roadway construction. The “Don’t Take A Chance” program is both an informational and entertaining program for students to learn the importance of staying safe around construction sites. Students are presented with the “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” of construction site safety. For example:

DO – Pay attention to what is around you
DON’T – Play near construction areas
DO – Look out for others
DON’T – Think that a construction site is safe when the workers are gone

Giveaways, videos and a coloring contest are all part of the “Don’t Take A Chance” program.  A construction site is not a playground or a place to “hang out” and both Caltrans and Measure C want to make sure that students know that. Every day, construction workers pave new roads, build new houses and improve our community – our efforts are to make sure students in these areas stay smart, stay safe, and “Don’t Take A Chance” around construction sites!

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