Expenditure Plan

Expenditure Plan

(Amendments Proposed: 08/2017)

Fresno County’s original Measure C Program, approved by voters in 1986 for transportation purposes, expired on June 30, 2007. The Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan was approved by the Measure C Steering Committee, each city in and by Fresno County and by the Council of Fresno County Governments (Fresno COG) by July 18, 2006. It was adopted by the Fresno County Transportation Authority on July 19, 2006. The continuing twenty year tax, effective July 1, 2007, is projected to generate $1.7 billion in new revenues for transportation improvements through 2027.

The Measure C Extension Steering Committee was formed in May 2005 to develop the Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan. The 24-member Steering Committee representing diverse community interests will address major regional transportation needs in Fresno County. The Steering Committee evaluated existing systems and thoroughly considered needs identified by voters and community residents and created a vision for the future. There was recognition that this Measure C Extension Plan needed to aid Fresno County in its transition for a county with a population approximately 900,000 in 2006, to a county with over 1.3 million by 2027.

This Multi-Modal Expenditure Plan recognizes the transportation programs that maintain and improve our quality of life and yet positions Fresno County to deal with the type of infrastructure that will be needed to address the higher population and its varied mobility needs. The following provides an overview of the multi-modal funding expenditures in the 2006 Measure C Extension Expenditure Plan approved by the Steering Committee:

PUBLIC TRANSIT – $412.1 million or 24%
The goal is to expand mass transit programs that have a demonstrated ability to get people out of their cars and improve air quality.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION PROGRAM – $593.6 million or 34.6%
The goal is to improve each individual city’s, and the County’s, local transportation systems.

The Plan authorizes major new projects to provide for the movement of goods, services, and people throughout the County. They include projects which will:

  • Improve freeway interchanges
  • Add additional lanes to existing streets, roads, and highways
  • Increase public safety
  • Improve major commuter corridors

The funding would be reserved to provide local matching funds for the consolidation of rail lines through Fresno. If not achieved within 15 years the funds revert to grade separation.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENHANCEMENT – $59.8 million or 3.5%
This program’s goal is to improve air quality and the environment through two important programs:

  • The School Bus Replacement Program will replace the oldest school buses in the fleet that emit toxic fumes and emissions. Approximately 900 buses need to be replaced. The result will be cleaner fueled and with the addition of seat belts, safer buses for our school age children. Approximately $40 million is provided to this program.
  • Transit Oriented Infrastructure for In-Fill Development (TOD), is a study to assist local cities and the county in planning for alternate transit services. This allows each community to build up the existing system as they continue to grow in new or revitalized developments areas

ADMINISTRATION / PLANNING -$25.6 million or 1.5%
Measure C funding is provided to the Fresno COG and to the Fresno County Transportation Authority (Authority) to:

  • Prepare Expenditure Plan updates
  • Develop allocation program requirements
  • Administer and conduct specified activities identified in the other five programs described above

2007 Update of the Original Expenditure Plan

In 1986, voters of Fresno County approved a ½ cent sales tax (Measure C) for transportation purposes. The twenty year tax is projected to generate $696.7 million to be expended through the Fresno County Transportation Authority.

At least 25% of the proceeds of the Measure C retails and sales tax, or $174.2 million, is be allocated to each city and to Fresno County for local transportation projects. The Authority’s oversight of this money involves setting the annual percentage which is based on a formula incorporating street miles (25%) and proportionate population (75%), and most importantly, the funds are distributed immediately back to these local communities. The Authority manages the claims process by the local communities and the annual auditing to ensure the funds were used for eligible transportation purposes.

The balance of the revenue, $522.5 million, is to be used with other federal, state and local revenues to finance highway improvements and Program administration throughout the County. Over the twenty year life of the program, the urban area may expend a maximum of 70% and the rural area is entitled to a minimum of 30% of the Measure C highway funds.

The Council of Fresno County Governments (Fresno COG) is the designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency for Fresno County, and upon passage of Measure C became legislatively responsible for preparing and Expenditure Plan outlying the use of the Measure C revenue. The first Plan was adopted in 1988, in a cooperative process involving Fresno County and its cities, the Authority and Caltrans. The Plan was updated every two years as required by our enabling legislation in 1991, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2007 (the lapse from 2004 to 2007 was due to the 2006 Extension Expenditure Plan).

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