School Bus Replacement Program

What is the Measure C
School Bus Replacement Program?

Approximately 2.3% of the Measure C Extension is provided for the School Bus Replacement Subprogram.  The School Bus Replacement Subprogram will replace the oldest school buses in Fresno County that emit unhealthy emissions.  All replacement buses will be equipped with seat belts and air conditioning.  Other funds, in addition to Measure C funds, will be leveraged whenever possible. The result will be cleaner fueled and safer buses for school-age children and, as all school buses will be new, there will be seat belts for children providing added safety benefits.

Funding for Round 5 of the Measure C Extension School Bus Replacement Program was approved by the Fresno County Transportation Authority in FY18. “Round 5” replaces 18 school buses in Fresno County. The Authority again worked with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) leveraging Measure C Extension School Bus funds to replace these 18 buses at a cost of $3.18 million.

All buses are new clean fuel diesel or CNG buses and include seat belts and air conditioning.

School District

Buses Replaced

Total Cost

Air District Grant

Measure C Funded


Central USD 2 $375,441.91 $375,441.91
Fresno USD 2 $364,420.96 $364,420.96
Golden Plains 1 $170,307.31 $170,307.31
Kerman USD 2 $391,832.04 $391,832.04
Parlier USD 1 $175,294.07 $87,647.03 $87,647.04 $87,647.03
Sanger USD 5 $927,334.10
Selma USD 4 $675,331.56 $162,505.45
Westside Elementary 1 $187,229.43 $170,516.82
TOTAL: 18 $3,267,191.38 $87,647.03 $3,179,544.35 $87,647.03

From the 2018-2019 Measure C Annual Report

For full program information, call 559.600.3282