Route 41 Elkhorn to Excelsior

The California Transportation Commission Approves Full Funding to complete a Dangerous Six-Mile Stretch of Highway 41 in Fresno County

Ten million dollars in State Funding was approved to complete a deadly section of Highway 41 in Fresno County. A statewide crash and injury database shows fatal accidents in this area accounted for 35 percent of all fatalities on Highway 41 in Fresno County between December 2011 and January 2020.

Local officials and members of the Widen Highway 41 Facebook page started calling for the completion of the highway in November 2020 after back-to-back fatal accidents killed Ken Atkins and Joel Carrillo, Jr.

The state funds approved will be combined with an additional $33M in State Funding, $13 million of local Measure C dollars, and the remaining $14.8 million will be provided by the Caltrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP).

The estimated construction start date is early 2025 with approximately two years of construction duration. As an interim safety measure, the area has been designated a no-passing zone and concrete barriers were installed.

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