Commuter Vanpool Program

What is the Measure C Commuter
Vanpool Program?

Measure C funds can subsidize Vanpool Programs originating within Fresno County – helping to pay for new and existing vanpools.

Last year, with our Measure C Vanpool Program, we provided subsidies for 22 NEW vanpools and 37 existing vanpools originating in Fresno County, increasing the impact of an already thriving program. Vanpools not only provide a cost-effective way for commuters to get to their destination safely, but also improve air quality.

In addition, 59 vans from the Farm Worker Vanpool Program are receiving subsidies, meaning we’ve provided fi nancial support for 118 vans! Through this program, subsidies and reimbursements assist in offsetting both initial and continuous operating costs. It’s also open to public and private vanpool owners and riders.

Commuter vanpools can qualify for monthly cash subsidies to cover their monthly vanpool leasing costs, reimbursements to cover driver medical exams, subsidies for emergency ride home programs, driver replacement costs, parking, and more!

All commuter vanpoolers also qualify for the Measure C Carpool monthly cash giveaways – but you must register separately for this program online at


• At least six riders and one driver
• Must originate in Fresno County
• Vanpools must operate at least five days a week, unless participants work full-time on an alternate work schedule that requires fewer commute days

For full program information, call 559.233.4148, email, or visit

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