Measure C Renewal

Local & Neighborhood Street Repair & MaintenanceLocal Control$3.5 Billion$1.3 Billion$998 Million$75 MillionAdministration$86 MillionUrban and Rural Public Transit$812 MillionEnvironmental SustainabilityTrip Reduction IncentiveNew TechnologyClean Transportation & Environment$144 Million$6.8 BillionTOTALMajor Roads & Highways, Safety Improvement and Congestion Relief Safe Bikes and Pedestrians (Including Safe Routes to School & Access for People with Disabilities) $ 6. 8 Billion TOTAL Local & Neighborhood Street Repair & Maintenance $ 3.5 Billion Local Control $ 1 . 3 Billion Administration $86 Million Urban and Rural Public Transit $812 Million Environmental Sustainability Trip Reduction Incentive New Technology Clean Transportation & Environment $ 144 Million $ 998 Million Major Roads & Highways, Safety Improvement and Congestion Relief $ 7 5 Million Safe Bikes and Pedestrians (Including Safe Routes to School & Access for People with Disabilities)

The chart above provides an overview of the proposed Measure C Renewal Expenditure Plan funding allocations approved by the Executive Committee and the TWG.


Download a copy of the Measure C Renewal Expenditure plan here:

Take a look at the Measure C Renewal Draft Allocation here:

Review the Implementing Guidelines here:

Review the Fresno County Transportation Baseline Issues:

Measure C is a locally-controlled funding that provides essential services such as maintaining and upgrading local streets, roads and highways throughout Fresno County. Measure C funding increases overall quality of life for local residents by making roads safer, reducing congestion and improving air quality.


Fresno County voters have overwhelmingly
voted in favor of this local funding source twice
in the past 35 years.


Measure C, which ensures that our highways, roads and overall transportation system meets the needs of Fresno County residents, will expire soon without further action by local voters.

Over the past 2 years, the FCTA has worked with communities throughout Fresno County to create a strategic and effective plan for Measure C’s renewal on the November 2022 ballot. This plan will ensure that we can continue to maintain and improve local transportation without relying solely on the state or federal government.