Measure C Renewal

Take a look at the Measure C Renewal Draft Allocation here:

Download a copy of the Measure C Renewal Expenditure plan here:

Measure C is a locally-controlled funding that provides essential services such as maintaining and upgrading local streets, roads and highways throughout Fresno County. Measure C funding increases overall quality of life for local residents by making roads safer, reducing congestion and improving air quality.


Fresno County voters have overwhelmingly
voted in favor of this local funding source twice
in the past 35 years.


Measure C, which ensures that our highways, roads and overall transportation system meets the needs of Fresno County residents, will expire soon without further action by local voters.

FCTA is working with communities throughout Fresno County on a plan to renew Measure C funding on a future ballot, and ensure we can continue to maintain and improve local transportation without relying solely on the state or federal government.

We want to hear Fresno County residents’ ideas and priorities to strengthen and improve local transportation. Please take a few minutes to learn more about Measure C and provide your feedback by taking this survey.