Public Education Program


Public Education Program


To inform and educate the public on the value of Measure C, its purpose and promise to Fresno County residents


Materials Distribution

Extension Plan fact sheets are prepared and distributed throughout the region to reflect major components of current Measure C Program and the Measure C Renewal effort


Outreach and education efforts will highlight Measure C’s projects and programs targeted to relevant audiences in rural and urban areas

Paid Media Plan

Includes paid educational messaging on TV, radio, social media. Informational and educational messaging is provided digitally and in multiple languages throughout Fresno County

Earned Media Strategy

Involves writing public service announcements and working closely with local reporters and editors to educate and inform the public about the current Measure C Program and the Measure C Renewal effort

Annual Report

The FCTA develops and distributes a hard copy Measure C Annual Report through Fresno County news publications and digital versions through are viewable and downloadable on the Measure C Website in English and Spanish. In 2020 the report was distributed to 155,961 homes.


1 Public involvement was available throughout the plan development process and continuous public education was provided

2 Supportive environments were available for the public and stakeholders to ask questions and have discussion on key issue

3 Partnerships were developed with key stakeholders to disseminate plan materials and information

4 Public concerns were documented and opportunities for input were known and available to the general public and stakeholders

5 Polling opportunities were conducted to determine Fresno County voter opinions regarding the 2022 Measure C Renewal Plan and process

6 Coordinated efforts were forged with stakeholders and other local, state, or regional partners to enhance awareness of the planning process and Measure C in underrepresented communities

7 Increased awareness and understanding of the Measure C Renewal Plan and planning process

8 Underrepresented communities and individuals were educated about the planning process, its purpose, need, and how it benefits them and their communities

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