Residents in Clovis Have Free Access to the City’s Transit System.

(Fresno) On Oct. 5, the Clovis City Council unanimously voted to adopt a zero-fare model for the Clovis Transit. Effective immediately, the change allows riders to use both the Stageline and Roundup Services at no cost. The cost of the new program is covered by various grant funds, including Measure C.

“Our residents will see no impact on the service they are used to receiving due to this change”, said Amy Hance, Clovis general services manager. “We will continue providing the same number of routes, with our already convenient schedules, and top-notch customer service our customers have come to expect”.

The Stageline is a fixed route service in Clovis, which follows a set schedule and route and is open to anyone. It charges $1.25 per passenger. Preapproved Clovis residents can use Roundup, a point-to-point service that picks them up at their home and transports them directly to their destinations. Fares run from $1.25 to $2.75 per passenger. The fiscal impact of the elimination of fares is $150,000 in Measure C funds.

“We are thrilled to provide this zero-fare service to our residents who need it most, especially those struggling due to the economic impacts of COVID-19”, said Clovis Mayor Drew Bessinger. “As a Board Member of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, I am excited about this move, as more than 70% of air pollutants come from mobile sources. The more residents who use our transit system for free, the better our air will be for our children.”

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