About Measure C



Measure C has a 34-year legacy of improving the lives of Fresno County residents through investing the one-half cent sales tax in meaningful transportation improvements throughout the county.

Measure C continues to make significant investments in our streets and highways. Almost one-third of the Measure C program goes to the sixteen agencies in Fresno County for local road repairs and improvements. Another third goes to making our State and Local highways safer, more efficient, and less impactful on air quality.

Over the last 34 years, over $2 billion has been invested to improve transportation facilities and services. This doesn’t include the “matching funds” Fresno County has been able to obtain that would have gone to other cities or counties if Measure C funding was not available.

Efforts are continuing to let the voters decide whether or not these investments have made a meaningful difference in their lives and if they believe continuing that investment is in the best interest of Fresno County residents. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, the voters should be seeing a Measure C extension on the November 2022 ballot.

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