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Blackstone & McKinley Railroad Separations News Media Q&A

Thank you for your interest in the Blackstone & McKinley Railroad Separations Press Release published April 22, 2020. If you have questions, please complete the form below. We understand that news outlets need answers quickly. We pledge to get back to you efficiently, and will coordinate with the project partners to ensure the right expertise is brought forward to answer each question.

If you would like to schedule a call to discuss your question in greater detail, please indicate your preferrred day and time below your question. In order for us to invite the most knowledgable partner to participate in the call, please include your topic or question when you submit the form . We’ll do everything possible to coordinate schedules and confirm availability.

Thank you for bringing awareness of Measure C to the public, and sharing the positive impact our partnering agencies and contractors have in our community.  The B-roll featured below is available to download at this link: . You can also download a 1-sheet here. 

Blackstone & McKinley Railroad
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    Check your preference in regard to partner and we will do our best to coordinate their response. Subject to their availability, of course. Supervisor Buddy Mendes, FCTA Board ChairMayor Lee Brand, City of Fresno and FCTA BoardCouncil Member Esmeralda Soria, City of FresnoDr. Carole Goldsmith, President of Fresno City CollegeSupervisor Steve Brandau, FCTA BoardBetter Blackstone Initiative, Keith Bergthold, Fresno Metro Ministry Executive DirectorMike Leonardo, FCTA Executive DirectorMayor David Cardenas, Fresno Council of Governments Board ChairScott Mozier, City of Fresno, Public Works Director

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